Amanda is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She has studied nutrition since the turn of the century and opened her private practice in the oldest city -- St. Augustine, Florida -- in 2011. Trained in both allopathic and naturopathic nutrition therapy, she addresses whole body wellness with good nutrition as the cornerstone. 

With experience teaching nutrition education to individuals of all ages and backgrounds she has worked on individual and joint projects throughout the United States and abroad. Amanda fosters a friendly, casual counseling atmosphere and an attentive approach to address the needs of her clients and their goals. She is proud to be trained to navigate through the maze of nutrition for her clients and deliver trustworthy, reliable, evidence-based information and dietary advice. She truly understands the power nature's bounty and good nutrition have on life-long health.   

Active in the public health arena for several years, she focused on maternal, infant and childcare, and has recently expanded feminine-based care to include peri-menopause and menopausal years. Most recently, she has combined forces with Menopause Self Care in the UK -- a program designed to help women make educated choices about their own health care. 

Other involvements include various collaborations and volunteer work with many local businesses and with the Rotary Club of St. Augustine Beach. Recently, she began teaching nutrition as an adjunct professor with the Adult and Continuing Education Program at Flagler College.

Why a Dietitian?

When you schedule a visit with us, you're not just seeing a nutritionist. We are accredited, registered and licensed to provide nutrition education and medical nutrition therapy to patients of all ages. We work with your doctor and other healthcare providers to help ensure continuity of care. Working together towards your goals, we take care of your individual dietary and healthcare needs with nutrition care and dietary advice that is easy to digest.