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We are an Out-of-Network provider for most insurance plans and are primarily a self-pay clinic.  No MD referral is usually required.

Medicare is accepted for Type 2 Diabetes and/or non-dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease only.  An MD referral is required.

We work with your doctor to ensure continuity of care. A Superbill (services receipt) will be provided to patients upon request.



Nutrition Services Menu

Individual Nutrition Consultation    

One-hour initial consultation includes full nutrition assessment, dietary analysis with personalized recommendations and tailored take-home materials.  This is available in a face-to-face office visit or virtually via Telehealth services.*  

* All patients are seen individually.  Unless a visitor accompanying patient during the consultation is a necessary and primary caretaker of the patient, a $30 service fee will be added per visit.

Three Visit Package  

Includes individual nutrition consultation and services plus two 30-minute follow-ups. Updated assessment and take-home materials provided with each visit to continue meeting goals. Designed for use within 1-month. Expires after three months.

Six Visit Package    

Our most popular visit package! Ideal for longer-term weight control and disease management. Includes individual nutrition consultation and services plus five  30-minute follow-ups. May substitute two visits for grocery store tour. Designed for use within 3-months. Expires after six months.

Yearly Package   

A full year of dietary guidance and individual assistance for life-changing nutrition related goals.  This program takes dedication and commitment.  Includes initial consultation, monthly 30-minute follow-ups, accountability & check-in plan, quarterly full dietary analysis reports and copious take-home materials. Ideal for lifelong nutrition change. Includes full year of the Accountability & Check-In Plan AND Full Quarterly Dietary Analysis Reports.

Couples Consultation   

Streamline your nutrition goals. Bring your spouse or significant other and learn how to navigate the best path together. One-hour initial visit includes individual assessments, diet analysis with recommendations and tailored take-home materials.

Family Consultation    

Schedule a nutrition check-up for the whole family. Includes general

diet assessments and recommendations, tips on how to get every one involved with eating better and take-home materials supportive to nutrition goals. Designed for a family of three.  Infants and toddlers are no extra charge. Individual assessments may be recommended.

Supermarket Grocery Store Tour   

Shop with a nutrition expert and learn how to best navigate the food aisles with a healthier perspective.  Includes site specific maps, nutrition label reading, supermarket shopping tricks & tips and take-home material packet. *Stores available for touring are Publix, Winn-Dixie, Walmart or Target and must be located within St. Johns County, FL.

Kitchen & Pantry Makeover 

Invite a nutrition expert into your house and make sure the heart of your home is working for you and your family.  Includes pantry assessment, personalized pantry list, make-over tricks for a healthier, happier lifestyle and diet that starts at home. 

Gift Card for Nutrition Care  

Give the gift of better health by choosing a nutrition service for a loved one that they can use at their convenience.  Gift an initial consultation or a whole nutrition package and complete it with a check-in plan or full dietary analysis report.  That's icing on the cake!

Healthy Sides

Follow-up Consultations    

Updated assessments with continued therapy and guidance based on nutrition-related goal progress.  Can be purchased a la carte or with package visits.  Service fees vary by follow-up type.  These are available in a face-to-face office visit or virtually via Telehealth services.

Individual (30 minutes)     

Individual (60 minutes)      

Couple (60 minutes)        

Family (60 minutes)         

One-Day Full Dietary Analysis Report     

Learn where you're starting from and how to best meet your nutrition goals.  Report includes usual intake compared to current recommendations, personalized dietary recommendations for improvement and a sample meal plan for optimal weight.

Individualized Daily Meal Plan     

Tailored to your individual needs and goals by a nutrition professional, this one-day plan will be your guide for healthier eating every day. Balanced for calories and nutrients.

Individualized Weekly Meal Plan     

Tailored to your individual needs and goals by a nutrition professional, this weekly plan will be your guide to healthier eating every day.  Balanced for calories and nutrients.

Accountability & Check-In Plan     $ varies

Requested by patients over the years, this add-on service allows you to communicate with the RDN between visits.  One email exchange and check-in per week with packages.

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